ITEM Senior Delf MUSE Body Type 2 Neck compatible ver
PERIOD Dec. 07. 2022 (Wed) 11:00 ~ (KST)
INCLUDE * Doll Body, LUTS Basic Box with Blankets, Manual, Certificate
* Face-up, Wig, Clothes and Shoes are not included.
NOTICE * Please select skin type you prefer, but some skins (with higher process difficulty) need to pay additional costs.
* In the photo: SDF65 BOY HEEL LEGS, SDF65 BOY & SDF MUSE KILL HEEL LEGS - Available to purchase additional products.
* There may be some differences in body size depending on how you measure it.
MUSE TYPE 2 info * Senior Delf Muse type is a neutral body with a beautiful line that can create both boys and girls.
* Muse body type 2 is DF~SSDF head, girl i ver head, and other companies' 6-70cm class heads, and has a larger neck joint and a 3mm longer neck than the conventional type 1 body. (However, the separation of neck joints varies depending on the head, and mobility may be reduced.)
* Although neck compatibility has been improved, the overall silhouette may look different depending on the head size, so please consider wearing an 8.5 inch or larger head.
* SSDF can be neck-jointed, but I don't recommend it.