Product name Honey 21 Delf BON BON
Sales period 2023. 07. 10 (Mon) 11:00 ~ (KST)
Set contents * Doll body, glass eyeball (random color), cushion, box, certificate, manual
* Makeup, wigs, costumes, shoes and accessories are not included. Assembled doll
NOTICE *This is not a limited edition product.
* Choose your desired skin color. There is an additional charge for some skin colors that are difficult to process.
* The head circumference is 6.5 inches, and the wig is CDW.
* Foot size is about 2.5cm, compatible with Tiny Delf shoes. Existing Honey Delf shoes are not compatible, so please place an order.
* Since this product is a pre-order item, it cannot be canceled or changed after payment has been made. Please place your order carefully.
* Depending on the monitor and computer environment, the color of the actual product may look different from the image.
* Body size may vary slightly due to the way it is measured.
Correspondence guidance * Wig : 6~7inch / CDW for HDF
* Clothes : Most of the existing HDF costumes are not compatible with anything other than short sleeves and shorts, but overfitting is possible in some cases.
* Shoes: TDS for 16cm dolls / TDF
* Eye: 12~14mm

Item in photo

BODY : Honey 21 Delf Body (Normal skin)
WIG :  CWW 510 Teddy Brown, Product for photography
CLOTHES : L'ora del te : Brisee white , Meringue Apple green (KukuClara Size)
SHOES : TDS 07 Apple Green , TDS 08 black
EYES : 14mm Narrow Milky NO 31


SCULPTOR (Head) : Horang.99
SCULPTOR (Body) : Horang.99
FACE UP : Elly
CLOTHES : L'ora del te, NINE9, TTYA

HDF21 BON BON HEAD + HDF Type 3 Body